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As a parent of a child, whether or not you are working, you may qualify for child tax credits. These are payments which are made by the government, based on income, your wages based on work earnings, and other external factors. In addition to the child credit, if you work, but are low income, you may also qualify for working tax credit. In order to learn more about whether or not you qualify, and how much you are going to receive through this government funded program, you can reach them at Child Tax Credits,0843 479 2156, for assistance and to answer any questions you may have about the program.

What do you get –
As long as you have a child, you may qualify for the child tax credit. Individuals who are looking to collect on these credits can apply for:
– The child tax credit.
– The working tax credit.
– Both child and working tax credit.

Under the child tax credit, you will receive if you have at least one child or young person living with you, in order to collect you do not have to be employed. With the working tax credit, you will receive based on the number of hours you work or are expected to work per week. And, collecting both credits, will be a combination for individuals who are lower income, and care for a child in the home. Regardless of which of the three categories you fall into, you can reach the government entity at Child Tax Credits,0843 479 2156, to learn more, and find out how much you may qualify for.

How much will you receive –
Each situation is going to vary, meaning each individual is going to receive a different amount of income from these tax credits. Some of the factors which are weighed to determine how much you will receive include:
– If you are a couple or an individual caring for children, and how many children are living with you.
– If you pay child care or other support.
– The number of hours you work each week, and the pay rates you earn for the job that you do.
– Whether or not the child you care for, has a disability and needs additional special assistance.
Incomes you are going to receive will be income based; this means the less you earn from work, and other income sources, the more you are going to receive from these tax credit payments. In addition to online payment calculators for an estimate, you can also call into the Child Tax Credits,0843 479 2156 number, to learn more about how much you qualify for, and how often you are going to receive your tax credits from the government.

Limits on the credits –
Limits are in place for receiving income based assistance. If you have one child it is 26,000 pounds, with two children it is 32,000 pounds. If you have no children and are single you receive 13,000 pounds, and a couple with no children can receive up to 18,000 pounds. Of course the additional factors will come into play, in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for this full amount. It is best to contact the right agencies at Child Tax Credits,0843 479 2156, not only to determine your eligibility, but also to determine how much of this amount you are going to receive, based on income and your working situation. Limits are in place, due to the number of families in need of assistance; depending on your situation, you will qualify for more, or less than the limit amount that has been put into place, for the current year.

Whether or not you have children, you may qualify for assistance from the government. There are a number of guidelines in place to determine how much, and to determine if you do qualify. The best way to learn more, and to learn whether or not you are going to receive any income from the government, is to reach them at Child Tax Credits,0843 479 2156. Not only can you ask any questions and learn about the program, you are also going to be able to determine how much you will receive, and for how long you are going to receive that benefit amount that you are entitled to receive each year.