Working Tax Credit Phone Number | 0843 479 2153

0843 479 2153

The working tax credit is in place for individuals and families who do not earn sufficient income from their work, and need assistance to support themselves and their family. Due to the fact that all cases will vary, and since each individual is going to require a different amount of help, you have to know what you are eligible for, and if you are eligible for funding, when you are out of or limited through work pay. To reach the customer service line, and find out more about the credit, you can reach Working Tax Credit Phone Number,0843 479 2153 for more assistance.

Who can receive the credit –
When you want to determine your eligibility, and call the Working Tax Credit Phone Number,0843 479 2153 line, you will learn that:
– You must be at least 16 to receive aid.
– Have an income that is set below a certain level.
– Must work a certain number of hours each work.
– Must earn, or expect to earn, wages, for the work that you are doing.
These are the minimum guidelines that are set in place, for the applicants who are considering applying for this work tax credit. Although not all cases are the same, individuals who wish to receive the aid, must meet at a minimum, these criteria, if they hope to receive funding from the government source that provides this aid.

How much you receive –
Again, the guidelines will vary based on whether you are an individual or a couple who is applying, age, income, and other sources of income. It is best to reach the customer service line at Working Tax Credit Phone Number,0843 479 2153, to learn about how much you can receive. For couples, up to 1970 pounds annually can be received; single parents can also receive this amount. For those working at least 30 hours weekly, up to 790 pounds is paid out. For those with a disability, up to 2855 pounds can be received; if a severe disability (on top of the disability) is proven, an additional 1200 pounds may also be applied for. For individuals with one child or more, additional assistance is also provided.

Due to the fact that each case is different than the next, it is a good idea to speak to a customer service agent, when you are ready to apply, to determine if you are eligible for the full amount, and if so, what you have to prove in order to receive the full amount that is offered by the government entity that pays out this credit.

Eligibility & applying –
To be eligible, one must meet the age requirement, working requirement, and other requirements that are set in place, based on their personal situation. Additionally, other criteria may be put into place, and proof must be shown. To apply, you can either do so online, or you can reach a customer service agent at Working Tax Credit Phone Number,0843 479 2153, who can assist you through the application process over the phone. Doing this is going to allow you to learn more, and to ask the questions that you may have, so you can determine whether or not you qualify. Additionally, when you apply over the phone, an agent may also be able to help you find more sources of credits, so that you can receive a little more, in the event you are not eligible for the full amount of aid in one area, but may qualify through an additional source of proof.

In order to qualify for the tax credit, you have to meet a minimum guideline, to receive the funding from the government; you also have to share if you are receiving other forms of aid, to determine your eligibility, and how much you can expect to receive when you apply. IF you do not find the information you seek online, or have further questions, you can speak to a customer service agent when you call in to learn more about the credits. For those who want to learn more, or if you simply want to ask a question to an agent about whether or not you qualify for the aid, you can reach the agency at Working Tax Credit Phone Number,0843 479 2153, and can also fill out your application with them over the phone.